Condense information to the most critical points

Summarize a video, podcast, blog, webpage, or a file

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Get through lots of information blazing-fast

  • Skip over unwanted content
  • High accuracy ChatGPT generated summaries and keywords
  • Summarize items from Youtube, Podcasts, Blogs, Twitter, and more
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Get to Zero Inbox quickly

  • The summarized items are presented in an easy to use interface with images and source info
  • You can skim through it fast or peek additional details if needed
  • Mark the Important ones and Archive the rest

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Generative AI

  • We use generative AI models like ChatGPT, CohereAI and GooseAI to make the summaries
  • We use OpenAI Whisper and other models for transcribing audio and video
  • We use Stable Diffusion and Dall-E to generate images where needed

Semantic Search

  • We use OpenAI and vector databases like Chroma and Pinecone for semantic search
  • You can search for any text, keywords, author, title or URL
  • We present exact and closely related items in the results

Connect Blogs, Podcasts, Youtube Channels and more

  • Use our Incoming Data Integrations to get info to summarize from Medium, Youtube Channels, Pocket App, Twitter etc
  • Use our Outgoing Data Integrations to send summarized content to your favorite places - Notion, Slack, Trello, Dropbox, Google Drive etc
  • The App will check for new items periodically and summarize it and then send it your way

Summarize a webpage

  • Summarize the page that is displayed on the browser
  • The summarized content will get added to our app and notification will be shown
  • You need to have installed the MakeMySummary Browser Extension and signed in

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Summarize selected text on the webpage

  • Select any text on the webpage and right click and choose MakeMySummary to summarize
  • Just ensure that you have selected more than 100 words
  • Summarization status is indicated via a notification. Ensure you have allowed notifications

Summarize links on a webpage

  • Right click on any link on a page and choose MakeMySummary to summarize it
  • Just ensure that then link is not a private link requiring login/password to access
  • The app will automatically determine the type of the content to summarize

Actionable Lists

  • You can categorize a summary item using lists.
  • We have designed it to be similar to how Gmail categories work.
  • Just like Gmail, we too have three lists - Archived, Important, and Starred

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Use our App on the Web or Mobile

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  2. Then, Connect your sources of information using our Integrations
  3. Optionally, install our Mobile App and Browser Extensions

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