One to five line, bite sized, bullet point summaries. Quickly glance to see if a new item is worth your time.

De-duplicate identical contents shared by multiple sources or shared multiple times by the same source.

Over 20 languages are supported and is auto detected. Summaries are in the original source language.

Summaries are available in text as well as audio format. Read or listen to the summaries.

Email digest with summaries delivered in your preferred intervals (3, 6, 12 or 24 hours)

Summarize the hundreds of bookmarks that you have been collecting in your browser!

Summaries of Youtube videos and Webinars that you have subscribed but didnt have time to watch.

Summaries of Podcasts that you have subscribed to but never got to it for lack of time.

Summaries of Blogs that keep coming every day but simply cant make enough time to go thru them.

Summaries of items posted on Twitter by people you follow that you don't want to skip.

Summaries of long text from Meeting Notes, Minutes or other long discussions.

Summaries of Audio files from Online Meetings, Webinars recordings that has been pending for ever.

Built in integrations to connect to Blogs, Podcasts and Apps. Also has Zapier integration.

In built integration with Pocket App, the best bookmarking app. Saving an item in Pocket, summarizes it.

Deliver your summary results to almost 2000+ Apps using the Zapier integration like Trello, Todoist etc

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