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AI and NLP

  • We use state of the art AI Transformers models like BERT, GPT, BART, Pegasus to make the summaries
  • Transformers models like Wav2Vec2, Speech2Text help us understand audio and video
  • And a host of other AI/NLP methods to finetune and make the summaries more relevant and specific to the domain

Search within summaries

  • You can search within the all the summarized items and lists
  • You can search for any text, author, title or even URL
  • Search results are presented in the same easy to use interface

Connect Blogs, Podcasts, Youtube and more

  • Use our Incoming Data Integrations to get info to summarize from Medium, Youtube Channels, Pocket App, Twitter etc
  • Use our Outgoing Data Integrations to send summarized content to your favorite places - Notion, Slack, Trello, Dropbox, Google Drive etc
  • The App will check for new items periodically and summarize it and then send it your way

Summarize individual items

  • You can also summarize individual items like webpages, pdf files, videos, podcasts etc
  • You can do this from the Web, Mobile, Slack Integration and Browser Extensions
  • You can drop in an URL or the Text you want summarized